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Monodisperse silicon dioxide microspheres with excellent dispersibility, large specific surface area, excellent optical and chemical stability have become the hotspots of modern research.

Monodispersed silicon dioxide microspheres have become a hot spot in the field of materials science and condensed matter physics due to their good dispersibility, large specific surface area, excellent optical and chemical stability. By controlling the synthesis process the particle size and its distribution, density and specific surface area of microspheres can be controlled more precisely. Has been widely used in rubber, engineering plastics, coatings, adhesives, packaging materials and cosmetics industries. In this paper, the concept and application of monodisperse silica microspheres are briefly introduced, and their preparation methods are reviewed and their application prospects are prospected.

Nano-sized monodispersed silicon dioxide has been prepared on a certain scale, and has been widely used in ceramic products, rubber modification, plastics, coatings, biological cell separation and medical engineering, sunscreen agents, pigments and so on. As the formation of monodisperse systems is very sensitive to conditions and is subject to a variety of complex factors, leading to some mechanisms has not yet clear, which for the preparation of large size monodisperse silica particles bring a lot of difficulties.



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