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From the domestic and foreign standards of silicon dioxide contrast, the domestic silica standards are modified or equivalent to the use of international standards, at the technical level, China's precipitated silica and fumed silicon dioxide are with the international standard keep in line, belong to the international advanced level. 

In the use of standards, we according to China's national conditions, in the standard system of revision work, and strive to maintain the same technical standards with international standards, based on the content in line with China's national conditions, to facilitate the operation of our standard users.

For fumed silicon dioxide product standards, in the future work it is necessary to further study the following:

The rationality of the division of the scope by NSA value;

The surface density of the provisions of the promotion of compressed fumed silica;

Increasing the color and transparency of the fumed silicon dioxide;

Further standardizing the classification of hydrophilic and hydrophobic products;

According to different classification, and further refine the product of the test indicators;

Other testing methods, such as increasing the shear thinning index and silanol content testing;

Product packaging and transport refinement.



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