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China's national standard for fumed silicon dioxide for the GB / T20020-2005 "fumed silica." The standard according to China's national conditions, modify the use of ISO 3262-20: 2000 "paint and additive instructions and general method of Part 20: vapor phase two silicon".

Standard for foreign precipitated silicon dioxide:

The ISO 5794 standard is divided into three parts according to its different uses: ISO 5794-1: 2005 (E) "Rubber Compounding Agents - Precipitation Hydration" Silica, Part 1: Non-rubber test ", ISO 5794-2: 1998" Rubber compounding agents - Hydrated silica hydrate - Part 2: Rubber compounding ingredients - Hydrated silicon dioxide precipitates - Part 3: Methods for the determination of soluble SBR and polybutadiene rubber ". 5794-3: 2010 standards for the DIS version is currently the draft, ISO is in the voting stage. As the white silica reinforcement for synthetic rubber has been more fully studied and formed a number of mature formulations, the development of the standard will further standardize the technical evaluation of industry behavior, and promote the production and application of silicon dioxide.

ISO 5794-2: 1998 "Rubber compounding ingredients - Hydrated silicon dioxide hydrate - Part 2: Method of identification in styrene butadiene rubber" Standard method for the determination of physical and mechanical properties of silica in synthetic rubber. ISO standard does not give silica in the synthetic rubber in the physical and mechanical properties of the index value.



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