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Fumed silicon dioxide has various uses, with its superior stability, reinforcement, thickening and thixotropy, in many disciplines and areas of unique characteristics, has an irreplaceable role. Nano-silica commonly known as "ultra-fine silica", widely used in various industries as additives, catalyst carrier, petrochemical, bleaching agent, matting agent, rubber reinforcing agent, plastic filler, ink thickener, metal soft Polishes, Insulation insulation filler, high-grade daily cosmetics fill and spray materials, medicine, environmental protection and other fields. And for the development of related industries to provide a new material basis.

As far as standards are concerned, there are three levels of national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards. There are two levels of ISO standards and corporate standards of multinational companies. In this paper, the technical contents of the standard of silicon dioxide and the similarities and differences between each other are introduced.

For the precipitated silicon dioxide, there are a series of standards, including 14 industry standard methods and three national methods of standards, including HG / T 3061-2009 "rubber compound with precipitated hydrated silica technical conditions" is the product standard.



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