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Silicon dioxide is the main component of carbon-white, because of its role in reinforcing the rubber and commonly known as carbon-white. Industrial production of carbon-white according to their production technology can be divided into two major categories, one is precipitated hydrated silicon dioxide, the other is fumed silicon dioxide. Two types of products have a mature technology, by adjusting the process parameters, has been able to produce up to dozens of specifications of the products to meet the various fields, industries, products, personalized needs.

Precipitation carbon-white as a rubber reinforcing material is mainly used for footwear, tires and other light-colored rubber products, can also be used for pesticides, feed and other industries to do carrier or flow agent; do toothpaste in the friction agent, Agents, anti-settling agent or matting agent; medicine and food industries do adsorbent. Footwear, including shoes and sports shoes, is the largest user of precipitation-based carbon-white, accounting for about 40%.

Fumed silicon dioxide in foreign countries have 60 years of production history, in 2008 China's fumed silicon dioxide production plant expanded to home, the output of about 10,000 tons. In developed countries, the consumption of fumed silica in the field of coating 60%, 30% of the rubber industry. Fumed silica in the rubber is mainly used for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and heat vulcanized silicone rubber.



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