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Hydrothermal preparation of silicon dioxide is usually tetraethyl orthosilicate, distilled water mixed solution into the reactor, in a certain temperature and pressure uniform stirring for a certain time to get powder.

Hydrothermal method is a chemical synthesis method for the preparation of inorganic compound crystal or powder under the conditions of high temperature (> 100 ℃), high pressure (> 9.8lMPa) and the like in the sealed pressure vessel with the fluid such as water solution or steam as the medium. According to the temperature of hydrothermal reaction, it can be divided into subcritical reaction and supercritical reaction. The former reaction temperature is between 100-240 ℃, which is suitable for industrial or laboratory operation. The experimental temperature is as high as 1000 ℃, 0.3 GPa is a reaction in which the nature of water as a reaction medium in the supercritical state and the special nature of the reaction mass under hydrothermal conditions at high temperature and high pressure are synthesized. 

Hydrothermal method has the advantage of high temperature and high pressure treatment, the formation of particle surface passivation, not easy to reunite, can form a better ultra-fine powder. At room temperature under atmospheric pressure from the point of view of thermodynamic analysis can be carried out, often because of the reaction rate is very slow, so that in fact no value, but the hydrothermal conditions may make the reaction is achieved. However, the hydrothermal method is not suitable for the preparation of some compounds which react with water and are easily hydrolyzed and decomposed.



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