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Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder can be used in wood, the composite material obtained, both to maintain the original cell structure of wood, appearance and processability, but also to improve the use of wood. SiO2 ultra-fine powder, transparency, as an important raw material of porcelain clay can not only make the coating becomes more compact, and make its surface more smooth. SiO2 ultrafine powder can be used as a dispersant and flow control agent in ink, can be used to improve the performance of packaging materials in packaging materials, but also can be used as an important material of man-made mullite. SiO2 ultra-fine powder in the electronic assembly materials, thermal insulation materials, sensing materials have an important application, and even can save energy and protect the environment.

Preparation of silicon dioxide can be divided into dry and wet two categories. Dry methods include gas phase and arc, wet precipitation, sol-gel, microemulsion, hypergravity and hydrothermal synthesis. Dry process of preparation of products with high purity, good performance characteristics, but in the production process of energy consumption, high cost. The raw materials used in wet process are wide and cheap, and ultrafine SiO2 powder with uniform particle size, narrow distribution, high purity, good dispersion and large specific surface area can be prepared.

Precipitation method: the production process is simple, low energy consumption, low investment, but the product quality is not as good as using gas and gel method of the product. At present, the preparation of silicon dioxide precipitation technology includes the following categories:

(1) preparation of high dispersion SiO2 in organic solvent;

(2) the acidifying agent reacts with the silicate aqueous solution, and the precipitate is separated and dried to prepare SiO2;

(3) alkali metal silicate and inorganic acid mixed to form SiO2 water sol, and then into the gel particles, after drying, hot water washing, and then drying, calcined in SiO2;

(4) carbonation of water glass to prepare SiO2;

(5) Preparation of edge smooth non-spherical SiO2 by spray granulation.

Preparation of silicon dioxide by precipitation, because of its reaction medium, reactants ratio, process conditions are different, the resulting product performance is very different. Silica rubber is prepared by using high-performance silicon dioxide prepared by precipitation method, and its reinforcing property is equivalent to that of fumed silica. The particle has a comprehensive balance of physical properties and can be reinforced by mixing with silicone rubber under low shear conditions, By determining the appropriate formula, at a certain level of hardness with the compound to obtain the best strength. 

The advantages of the precipitation method is simple process, low cost, high yield, less demanding on the equipment, the preparation process is better control, conducive to the direction of industrial production. However, the preparation of powder by precipitation method is easy to produce hard agglomeration, thus affecting the performance of the powder.



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