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With the development of science and technology and the improvement of human living standard, people put forward the requirements of comfort, novelty and health care, and various functional textiles came into being. Here, silicon dioxide ultrafine powder played a huge role. At present, it has been applied to anti-ultraviolet, far infrared, anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-aging and so on. For example, the ultrafine powder and TiO2 ultrafine powder of the appropriate ratio of the composite powder is an important anti-ultraviolet radiation fiber additives. Another example, the Japanese company Teijin SiO2 ultrafine powder and ZnO ultrafine powder mixed with chemical fibers, the chemical fiber with deodorant and purify the air function. This fiber can be used in the manufacture of long-term bedridden patients and hospital deodorant dressings, bandages, pajamas and so on.

For cosmetics, the requirements of the UV shielding ability, it is best able to protect both ultraviolet (UVB) on the human body harm, but also on the ultraviolet long-wave (UVA) from the protective effect. In essence, the UV shielding includes two aspects, one is the absorption of ultraviolet light, on the other hand is the reflection of ultraviolet light, at present, the world from the UV reflection properties of the development of anti-ultraviolet agent has not been reported.

In the sunscreen products in the past, the use of organic compounds for the UV absorber, but there are such as as possible to protect the skin does not touch the ultraviolet and increase the amount of increase will increase the occurrence of skin cancer and chemical allergies and other issues, and silicon dioxide ultrafine powder is an inorganic component which is easy to be combined with other components of cosmetics. It is nontoxic and tasteless and does not have the above-mentioned problems. It is white in color and can be easily colored. Particularly valuable is that SiO2 ultrafine powder has strong ultraviolet reflection and good stability, does not change color, it will not and the other components of the chemical reaction. Therefore, silicon dioxide ultra-fine powder for the upgrading of sunscreen cosmetics laid a good foundation.



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