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Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder has a special structure level, usually only in the high-power electron microscope to observe its particle morphology. Due to the quantum size effect, quantum tunneling effect, photoelectric property, high reluctance phenomenon, nonlinear resistance phenomenon and high strength, high toughness and good stability at high temperature, the ultrafine SiO2 powder can be widely used in many fields.

Resin matrix composites have characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., but in recent years, the material industry and the pillar industries of the national economy on the use of resin-based materials are increasingly demanding, how to synthesize high-performance resin matrix composites, has become an important issue of the current material industry and the business community. Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder for the synthesis of resin-based composites provide a new opportunity for the traditional resin-based material modified to provide a new way, as long as the ultrafine particles of SiO2 can be fully and evenly dispersed into the resin materials, can achieve a comprehensive improvement of resin-based material properties of the purpose.

Improve strength and elongation. Epoxy resin is a basic resin material, the silicon dioxide powder added to the epoxy resin, in which ultrafine SiO2 structure is completely different from the coarse crystal SiO2, coarse SiO2 is generally added as a reinforcing agent, which is mainly distributed in the polymer materials, the middle of the chain, and SiO2 ultrafine powder due to the surface of the serious coordination of the lack of large surface area and surface oxygen and other characteristics, it shows a very strong activity, it is easy and epoxy ring molecules oxygen plays an important role in the intermolecular bonding, and a part of the SiO2 ultrafine particles are distributed in the interstices of the polymer chains. Compared with the coarse silica particles, the flow chains are very high, micropowder added epoxy resin material strength, toughness, ductility are greatly improved.



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