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There are seven variants of silicon dioxide at atmospheric pressure. There are generally two types of transition between these variants: the first is the transition between alpha, beta and gamma, which occurs at a defined temperature, the transition is fast, and reversible, called the fast transition; the second category is quartz, phosphorus quartz, cristobalite transformation, it must destroy the original crystal structure, re-composition of the new structure, the activation energy required, The transition temperature is high and slow, called slow transition.

Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder is a white powder with relative density of, melting point is 1750 ℃, the original particle size of 0.3μm below the moisture absorption after the formation of polymerization of fine particles, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution. By transmission electron microscopy analysis, this material was clearly flocculent or reticular quasi-granular structure, particle size is small, large surface area. Because of its very small particle size, SiO2 particles exhibit small size effect and surface interface effect which make it have special characteristics different from those of conventional bulk and coarse granular materials. 

The volume effect and the quantum tunneling effect of silicon dioxide ultrafine powder make it permeate into the molecular chain of the polymer compound to form a spatial network structure, which can greatly improve the mechanical strength, toughness and resistance of polymer materials. Abrasion resistance and aging resistance. Therefore, people often use SiO2 ultra-fine powder of these special structures and properties of plastic and paint modified or prepared organic SiO2 composite materials to improve the overall performance of organic polymer materials.



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