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Silicon dioxide ultrafine powder is a kind of light white nonmetallic material, the residual surface of which has unsaturated residual bonds and hydroxyl groups with different bonding states, and the molecular state is three-dimensional chain structure. It has many unique properties, such as quantum size effect, quantum tunneling effect, photoelectric property, high reluctance phenomenon, nonlinear resistance phenomenon and high strength, high toughness and good stability under high temperature. These unique properties make it have anti-ultraviolet, adsorption pigment ions, improve the strength, elasticity, anti-aging, chemical corrosion resistance, can be widely used in catalyst carrier, rubber, paper, plastics, adhesives, high-grade fillers, coatings, optical fiber, precision casting and other products.

The main preparation methods of silicon dioxide ultrafine powders are gas phase method with silane halide as raw material, chemical precipitation method with sodium silicate and inorganic acid as raw materials, sol-gel method with silicate as raw material and microemulsion law. In these methods, the gas phase raw materials are expensive, equipment requirements are high, the production process is long, energy consumption is large; the chemical precipitation method is easy to produce hard agglomeration, thus affecting the powder performance; microemulsion method cost is high, organic matter is difficult to remove, easy to cause environmental pollution.

Compared with the above three methods, sol-gel method has many advantages: (1) the lower reaction temperature, generally room temperature or slightly higher temperature, most organic active molecules can be introduced into the system and maintain its physical properties and chemical properties; (2) the reaction from the solution, the proportion of each component is easy to be controlled, and to achieve uniform molecular level; (3) does not involve high-temperature reaction, to avoid the introduction of impurities to ensure the purity of the final product; 4) according to need, at different stages of the reaction, preparation of films, fibers or lumps and other functional materials.



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