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Mesoporous silicon dioxide nanomaterials as drug carriers with high drug loading and controlled release behavior, but also as a multi-functional platform in the biomedical field, especially in terms of diagnosis and treatment of cancer has shown great potential applications, is expected to become a new generation of drug carriers. However, bio-security issues inorganic nanomaterials has been the major obstacle to its clinical application transformation. Biological safety and biological effects of nano carrier material, to solve the inorganic nanomaterials toxicology, health and environmental issues and to promote biomedical applications of nanomaterials are of great significance.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology Application of Nanomaterials Controlled Labs researcher Fangqiong Tang prepared under the leadership in the development of new nano-biological material at the same time been working on biological safety and biological effects of nano carrier material. Following 2010, the "biological materials" continuous coverage of the biological effects of mesoporous silicon dioxide after (Biomaterials 2010, 31, 38-448; Biomaterials 2010, 31, 6142-6153), they are in different morphologies mesoporous research in vivo behavior of silicon oxide has made new progress. Recent research published online in ACS nano.

To study the effect of the morphology of the mesoporous silicon dioxide in vivo behavior, they designed a range of different aspect ratio of mesoporous silica nano-materials, and select long stick and baton typical two materials studied they after intravenous injection in mice metabolic distribution, excretion pathways and biological safety. The study found that the combined effect of the morphology and surface properties of mesoporous silica intravenous Metabolism distribution and excretion. Both materials are mainly distributed in the liver, spleen and lungs, can be rapidly excreted in the urine and feces. Not only changed the morphology of the mesoporous silica distribution in the liver, spleen and lungs and other organs are also affected by the mesoporous silica urine and feces excreted from the body speed. Meanwhile, the mesoporous silicon dioxide two clinical dose in vivo morphology have good biological safety. The findings have important implications for the guidance of the mesoporous silicon dioxide nanomaterials and biomedical applications of non-spherical nano-materials. Reviewers believe that the study "concern a very important area, and has achieved significant results. If the distribution and metabolic problems can be solved, these materials could eventually be used in clinical imaging and treatment."



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