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The different polymer on the surface of silicon dioxide nanoparticles system different biological effects resulting modified was also explored, which results also in 2015 by Chemistry-An Asian Journal (2015,10, 2744) as the cover of the magazine article was published. In order to further explore the impact of the size of nano system against tumor activity, Professor Chen group by changing the type and concentration of basic catalyst synthesis of different sizes of mesoporous silicon dioxide nanoparticles and found that by targeting research absorption Nanosystems glioma cells, retention efficiency, ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and into the anti-tumor activity is a size effect. This part of the study were published in 2016 in the art magazine Zone 1 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2016,8, 6811) on. A series of studies based on the team in silica nanoparticles targeting system Antitumor obtained in discovery, mesoporous silica nano-materials can be used as an ideal carrier of chemical drugs, to achieve its applications in cancer diagnosis and treatment. This series of research work for the further development of clear targets, a new mechanism of action specifically targeted nano-drugs or lead compounds in cancer diagnosis and treatment provide a scientific basis.

Recently, Chongqing Medical University School of Biomedical Engineering of Ministry of Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Ultrasound in Medicine Ultrasound Medical Engineering, Chongqing municipal Laboratory researchers published papers, aimed at the egg white phantom compare SonoVue and mesoporous silicon dioxide fluorocarbon nanoparticles encapsulated enhanced high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment differences were screened for HIFU treatment synergist. Studies indicate, MSNC-PFP can be improved more effectively than SonoVue HIFU treatment efficiency. This article was published in the 2014 02 "Chinese Journal of Interventional Imaging and Therapy" magazine.

The mesoporous silicon dioxide nanospheres SonoVue and parcel of liquid perfluoropentane (MSNC-PFP) were uniformly mixed each 0.3ml to 100ml of egg white phantom, made SonoVue group and MSNC-PFP group two experimental groups blank group without synergist. Using the B-guided HIFU acoustic power of 160W fixed irradiation 10s, recording instantly gray change irradiation, comparative analysis of changes after irradiation gray area, the volume of injury, damage and shape the energy efficiency factor (EEF).



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