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These researchers named the made from silicon dioxide, biodegradable tiny rod-like structure as mesoporous silicon dioxide rods (mesoporous silica rods, MSRs) . MSRs can be loaded with a number of biological and chemical medicines, transmitted via injection under the skin. These mesoporous silica rods at the inoculation site will spontaneously form a three-dimensional scaffold, like a box of matches on the table as a heap. MSRs heap porous gap is very large, so that the filling can recruit and dendritic cells. Dendritic cells are responsible for monitoring the body's immune cells important when it detects the presence of harmful substances can trigger an immune response.

Co-lead author, Wyss Institute former postdoctoral researcher, Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Jaeyun Kim said: "The researchers have constructed a number of nano-sized mesoporous silicon dioxide particles are used from within a single cell manipulation larger particles, but this is the first time the use of micron size in the body to build a kind of 3D scaffold, which can recruit and attract millions of immune cells. "

Dr. Donald Ingber Wyss Institute Founding Director, said: "With programmable biological material that can be injection immunotherapy targeted therapy is a powerful tool for transmission, and preventive health care can help fight a series of lethal infections, including global common killers such as HIV and Ebola viruses and cancer. these injectable vaccine 3 D provides a minimally invasive and scalable way to deliver treatment in the past to escape immune detection of some diseases, by simulating the body's own immune response strong to work."



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