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To determine silicon dioxide content in quartz sand, usually first treated with HF-H2SO4, silicon evaporated, and then calcined at 800 ℃, weighed by differential subtraction. But compared with the potassium fluosilicate method found that the method for determining the low results. After the experiment, we use the HF-HNO3-HClO4 sample handling system, the measurement results to achieve the testing requirements.

Rice husk often as "agricultural waste" was thrown into the roadside ditch or buried. In order to make full use of rice husk resources, Wangzi Chen led the research group has been dedicated to rice husk resource utilization of scientific and technological research. They contain properties of silicon by rice husk, using a directional etch selectivity of the reaction, pyrolysis temperature, etc., are extracted from the husk of nano-silicon dioxide, and has a strong biological activity.

Chiu said that developers can purchase a marine diatom silicon dioxide manufacturing laboratory glassware. Spin column was centrifuged for biological samples, extracting DNA and RNA. He said that as a contaminant, diatoms infection viral DNA during operation is also possible with the biological sample DNA is extracted. "Almost all commercially available silica spin columns used are from diatom cell wall," he said. "We believe PHV may be in the process of manufacturing a silica spin column contamination diatom virus."



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