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By fumed silicon dioxide gel coat resin applied experiment, focusing on factors that influence the unsaturated resin viscosity and thixotropy. Simultaneous determination of the mechanical properties of the resin cast and discusses the factors affecting the performance. 

Chemical precipitation under ultrasonic dispersion conditions, the effects of pH value, surfactant type, the amount of dispersant, drying method, ultrasonic dispersion and other factors on the product nano-silicon dioxide particle size. Confirmed by experiments precipitation, optimal conditions Ultrasonic Preparation of nano silica. Using XRD, TG-DTA and laser particle size analyzer and other testing methods of products were characterized. The results show that: the particle size were prepared under optimum conditions of silica powder of 40nm.

This paper describes the radome material silicon dioxide wave-transparent material system performance requirements, analysis of the wave through the mechanism of wave-transparent materials, silica system, discusses the status of silica wave-transparent materials research system, and pointed out its development direction.



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