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By examining the water and surfactant molar ratio (R), the amount of TEOS, the amount of ammonia and the envelope frequency based TritonX100 / cyclohexane / n-hexanol / water reverse microemulsion prepared silicon dioxide nanoparticle size the impact study carried out controllability silica nanoparticles prepared based on the size of the reverse microemulsion.

This article describes a silica concentration automatic analyzer design method, the automated system 80C196KC microcontroller core, can use water automatic sampling, automatic analysis, and can display, print the results of the analysis, while both the temperature of the sample water , chemical reagents home, light the battery voltage and the silica concentration limit alarm function.

In the petroleum, chemical, power and other industrial production, it is sometimes necessary to use a silica content of the water is controlled so that the concentration does not exceed the control targets, so they need to measure and analysis silicon dioxide concentration.



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