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Silicon dioxide analysis has many ways, high silica content analysis methods are mainly potassium fluosilicate volumetric method, a dehydration hydrochloric acid plus colorimetry, hydrofluoric direct volatilization three methods.

Silicate rocks is the main component of the earth's crust, about 85% of the total weight of the crust, mainly in the form of chemical form. Silicate minerals daily work often encounter clay, shale, loess, kaolin, pyrophyllite, asbestos, mica and bentonite. In order to better silicate rocky rational exploitation of resources, looking for reasonable and effective method is necessary.

In order to examine a small particle size stationary phase chromatographic analysis features to Stber law as the basis, 86.5% ethanol (V / V) as a reaction solvent, was added 0.2 mol / L of tetraethoxysilane, 2.0 mol / L ammonium hydroxide It was 517 nm non-porous silicon dioxide particles, and filled with high-pressure homogenization to obtain a capillary column. Pressurized capillary electrochromatography (pCEC) for the analysis platform, using acetonitrile - water as mobile phase, the retention mechanism to explore silica gel column.

Selective use of silicon dioxide microsphere surface adsorptive separation of nucleic acids in a high salt environment purification of nucleic acids has become a more common method of solid phase extraction of nucleic acids, simple and accurate measurement of high salt solution of nucleic acid concentration, adsorption properties of DNA research key. By creating a standard curve method of correcting containing high concentrations of salt solution concentration of DNA, the calculated correction coefficient k, we proposed a silicon dioxide on adsorption unit simple method of DNA detection - Reference method.



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