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Use school and experimental stage common principles, preparation of silicon dioxide - sulfonic acid catalyst, and for the synthesis of methyl benzoate; compared with the conventional concentrated sulfuric acid catalyst, the catalytic effect equivalent basis more in line with the concept of green chemistry; broaden the experiment their horizons, to implement the new curriculum ideas, with a strong operational.

Not polymerized silicic acid and ammonium molybdate to form a yellow silicon molybdenum in 0.1mol / L or so acidic medium heteropolyacid H8 [Si (MO2O7) 6], also known as silicon molybdenum yellow. But silicon molybdenum yellow instability, after the addition of ethanol to increase its stability. In 0.6-1.0mol / L acid solution, with the amount of reducing agent will be reduced to silicon molybdenum yellow and molybdenum blue spectrophotometric determination of silicon carried out. This will not only improve the measurement sensitivity of the test was also more stable and conducive to spectrophotometric determination.

With the template method we prepared silicon dioxide hollow microspheres. Select under certain conditions, prepared carbon spheres as templates and TEOS (TEOS) reaction that the outside coated with a layer of silicon dioxide, silica prepared by the carbon / carbon composite material ball, and finally removed by high temperature burning ball, thereby obtaining a silica hollow microspheres.

For the determination of silica glass spheres appear lower results, the problem of high blank value, analyze the causes and to propose solutions. The main ingredient is silica in glass spheres, it is one of the key indicators of the production process of the glass ball control, accurate silicon dioxide measurement values will directly affect the quality of the glass ball. Since the test procedures and results often appear low silicon dioxide blank value is high, it can not properly guide the production.



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