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The introduction of microwave organic synthesis technology for surface modification of nano-silicon dioxide, investigated the effects of coupling microwave power and irradiation time, the amount of concentrated sulfuric acid and other nano-silicon dioxide surface treatment, and by infrared spectroscopy and thermal gravimetric test examines powder surface modification of the chemical structure and situation. Experimentally derived optimum conditions for nano-silicon dioxide surface treatment: coupling agent in an amount of 6% (mass percent), microwave power 320W, amount of sulfuric acid 1.25% (mass percent), microwave radiation response time of 15min.

Evaluation of colloidal silicon dioxide SYLOID244FP cured for volatile oil properties. Methods: SYLOID244FP curing Cinnamon oil to cinnamic aldehyde yield index, preferably SYLOID244FP amount; using differential scanning calorimetry and scanning electron microscopy of the cured powder phase characterization; study SYLOID244FP of Cinnamon oil cinnamaldehyde in vitro dissolution and influence of heat stability.

Silicon dioxide airgel is a new lightweight structure controlled nanoporous amorphous solid material, called "blue smoke", "solid smoke", is the lightest known solid material having a low density, high porosity, high surface area, low thermal conductivity, low refractive index and other characteristics, in mechanics, acoustics, thermal, optical, and many other aspects of the unique nature of the show, called "change the world of magical material." Introduce the development of the history, preparation, properties and application prospects of silicon dioxide airgel material.



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