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Reverse microemulsion method, preparation of methylene blue for the core material of methylene blue silicon dioxide nanoparticles, by optimizing the methylene blue parcel concentration obtained fluorescence signal strong nano-particles, and initially investigated for Hela cell labeling and in vivo shows feasibility tracked by MTT experiment investigated the particle concentration of toxic effects on the cells as well as more appropriate labeled cells.

An important component of the cement clinker silicon dioxide affecting mineral composition of clinker, which directly affects the content of the important indicators of the quality of clinker saturation rate than silicon. Determination of raw materials of cement and silicon dioxide content is an important test items cement production process quality control. This paper describes the principles and considerations potassium fluosilicate volumetric method for determination of silicon dioxide.

Silicic acid in excess of strongly acidic solutions of fluoride ions and potassium ions, can generate silicon potassium fluoride and fluorine ions precipitate, after fluorine potassium silicate precipitate was separated by filtration, hydrolysis reaction in hot water to produce hydrogen hydrofluoric acid solution was titrated with sodium hydroxide standard titration.



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