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The sample was sodium carbonate, boric acid and sodium tetraborate mixed cosolvent alkali fusion, acidification nitrate constant volume, bismuth phosphorus molybdenum yellow spectrophotometry phosphorus pentoxide; in the presence of oxalic acid, ferrous ammonium sulfate as a reducing agent Determination of silicon dioxide-molybdenum blue method, this method is simple, fast, with good precision and accuracy.

In the iron and steel smelting process, iron ore is an important component, wherein the silicon dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide is the most important technical indicators, the silicon dioxide content in the ore is between about 1 to 10%; pentoxide the phosphorus content is between about 0.01 to 1.00%.

The samples were acidified alkali fusion, in sulfuric acid medium silicate and molybdate form silicon molybdenum heteropoly acid, reducing silicon heteropolyoxomolybdate silicon molybdenum blue, blue is proportional to the degree of the silicon content of the solution, in order to carry out a spectrophotometer quantitative analysis.

Proposed analysis method based on core-shell ZrO2iO2 adsorb phospholipids. Firstly N2O inside the ZrO2iO2 hydrolysis prepared core-shell particles containing different proportions of ZrO2 coated by electron microscopy and diffuse reflectance UV absorption spectra were characterized, proven iO2 surface coated with ZrO2 material.



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