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Mesoporous silicon dioxide nanoparticles (MSNs) has a unique structural features and good biocompatibility, in the biomedical field has good potential, is one of the most widely used as a drug or gene carriers MSNs. This review describes the recent progress MSNs as drug or gene carriers were anti-tumor therapy, while MSNs can reduce the toxicity of anticancer drugs, thus improving the therapeutic effect.

Since the 1970s, since "gene therapy" concept was proposed gene therapy was first used to treat single-gene genetic disease, followed by cancer gene therapy soon become a hot research, it is considered to be following the surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy fourth class of cancer therapy, showing good prospects and hope, but there are still some issues to resolve.

Polyurethane with high abrasion resistance, flexibility, good flexibility, easy bonding and an adjustable controllability performance advantages in textile finishing coatings, automotive interior coating and other aspects of the extensive attention and application. Using dispersed prepolymer prepared waterborne polyurethane emulsion, then add the fumed silicon dioxide to the aqueous polyurethane emulsion prepared by ultrasonic dispersion into aqueous polyurethane coating agent modified silicon dioxide (SiO2 / PU). The effects of fumed silicon dioxide addition on SiO2 / PU coating agent of the properties. Research shows that when you add the right amount of fumed silica, the coating material properties are improved.



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