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Montmorillonite powder drug standard was promulgated December 29, 2011, in which the silicon dioxide and alumina content with a specific and clear requirements. In this paper, in-depth analysis on this issue, to explore the feasibility of the provision, concluded that this provision of little significance, meaning neither control montmorillonite content, nor the significance of the control of impurities, and the operation is complicated, resulting in unnecessary human waste material should be removed content of aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide content determination.

By reactive ion etching machine body binding studies process CHF3 + SF6 + O2 gas mixture etching silicon dioxide, and the orthogonal experiment method to adjust the etching parameters, obtained the main factors affecting the etching slope of the CHF3 and SF6. Appropriate increase CHF3 flow contributes to the formation of the etching steep angle; appropriate to increase the flow of SF6 and CHF3 flow helps to reduce the formation of flat etching slope. Through the experimental parameters were optimized as a whole, and ultimately the vertical, flat etching slope.

Research on the impact of carbon black and silicon dioxide-filled natural rubber properties, and the results showed that: carbon black filled rubber vulcanization time increases as the amount of filler is decreased, silica is the opposite; with the increasing amount of filler, plastic materials the minimum and maximum torque increased, scorch time is reduced. the tensile strength of rubber optimum amount of filler present in 15phr time, with respect to the silicon dioxide, carbon black filled rubber is more suitable.



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