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Boiler water silicon dioxide content seriously overweight, sometimes people simply consider one aspect, such as water soluble silicon and silicon rubber for water quality impact, and inert molecule is rarely considered, Based on the activated carbon filter outlet water, raw water and brine water quality tracking experiments thus query furnace reasons silica excessive water, to take appropriate measures so that the boiler water recovery. Boiler silica serious hypervariable harm greatly, such as saturated steam to carry more of the amount of silicon into the steam system, leading to the steam quality is affected.

Silicon dioxide microspheres particles in dry and aqueous medium are prone to self-assembly phenomenon, which would seriously affect the properties of the particle research. In order to make better use of research and silicon dioxide microspheres particles, need to de-agglomeration process research. Experimental study on the characteristics of different scale reunion of particles and phenomena, proposed a process which method can realize big reunion Solutions silicon dioxide microsphere particles reunion. Nikon microscope showed that the process is not only well done silicon dioxide microspheres solution reunion, but also improve the dispersion and stability of the particles.

Enhance the performance of the silicon dioxide matting agent for paint production has an extremely important role, once the performance of silica-based matting agents enhance efficiency, reduce costs, reduce energy consumption. The silica matting agents to enhance performance, the key is to crush processing technology is good or bad. Current conventional jet mill and media mills for grinding silica matting agent relative to foreign mill silica matting agent, the existence of deficiencies, such as low grinding efficiency, high energy consumption, environment smash cross, strong noise.



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