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Silicon dioxide is cheap and readily available, and has good chemical stability, thermal stability, insulation, so often used as a matrix doped with luminescent material. In addition, the silica also has excellent bioaffinity and easy surface modification, the use of silica as a wrapping material or luminescent substrate nanocomposite material such as a dye-doped silica nanoparticles or quantum dots coated with silica. It has been widely used in imaging studies cells.

Free silicon dioxide dust detection methods are mainly pyrophosphate Quality Act, alkali fusion molybdenum blue colorimetry, X-ray diffraction method and fluoborate quality infrared emission spectroscopy and so on. Wherein the pyrophosphate quality method because of its simple operation, low cost of testing, precision and accuracy are high and so as the current preferred method of free silica dust detection. Combined with practical work experience, when he pyrophosphate assay quality free silica, are more prone to problems of diafiltration were analyzed to explore, through comparative tests made specific solutions.

Introduce silicon dioxide dry etching, and then study the effects of various parameters on the etching. Using reactive ion etching method and related equipment for a number of etching experiments using different technology on silica choice etching process, obtained under different conditions etch rate, uniformity, etch selectivity and other parameters, and the results are compared and analyzed optimization.



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