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The use of silane coupling agent modified nano-silicon dioxide surface, and then by blending nano-SiO2 particles dispersed into the modified epoxy resin (Epoxy), different nano-SiO2 content of SiO2 / EP composites were prepared. Use IR, SEM and TGA, impedance analyzer, etc. the effect of SiO2 addition on the microstructure of the composite material, thermal stability and dielectric properties.

Diamond, silicon dioxide, graphite crystals belong to the atomic crystal. Atomic crystal, the lattice nodes arranged in a neutral atom between atoms is strong covalent combination, and the bonding electrons between the atoms can not be constrained in the freedom movement, and therefore atomic crystal exhibits a high melting point, hardness, melting poor conductivity characteristics.

PET crystallization speed is too slow, the process will waste a lot of energy, this project through the inorganic nanoparticles (silicon dioxide) surface modification, synthetic PEG and PET two-block oligomer organic coated nano-silica particles Mongolia (LMPET- PEG-SiO2), characterization of FT-IR, 1H-NMR, etc. by confirmed PET-PEG-silicon dioxide has been successfully synthesized and tested by DSC, nano-particles of silica Mongolia nucleation PET resin were studied, nano-silica particles found in Mongolia crystallization rate of PET greatly improved.



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