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The present invention discloses a method for preparing a silicon dioxide-coated cerium sulfide red pigment, toner suspension and a silicon source solution is first prepared, and then in a molar ratio of Si4 + :Ce2S3 = 1 ~ 3:1 ~ 2, a silicon source solution 0.02 ~ 0.15 ml / min rate of the toner was added to the suspension stirred for the reaction, the reaction product was washed and dried to obtain a precursor powder; after the precursor powder was calcined in a non-oxidizing atmosphere to give a dense package silica-coated cerium sulfide red pigment.

Different concentrations of dust containing different concentrations of silicon dioxide, it greatly harm the human body, health standards in China's development, there are silica content detection system and related regulations, and now, the weight of pyrophosphate France is the main method of determination of free silicon dioxide dust, but also a series of problems during the measurement, so this requires staff to improve the measurement method to provide timely and reliable information to a large number of effective health monitoring data.

Traditional insulation, rock wool is generally used, thrown silk carpet, acupuncture blanket, and a polyurethane insulation materials. Because of the high temperature steam pipes inside the water hammer and pressure fluctuations, resulting in frequent pipe vibration, resulting in structural materials made of rock wool insulation, glass wool, slag wool and other soft compound silicate insulation materials made of sinking serious, high-temperature steam upper duct heat loss is large, resulting in waste of energy. In response to this situation, an urgent need to develop a better insulation effect and economic benefits of insulation products.



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