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High purity sodium silicate as raw materials, industrial or purified water glass, then add acid or with carbon dioxide gas to adjust the pH value of the silicic acid precipitated. And then the drying dehydration metasilicate made of high purity silicon dioxide.

The route raw materials, product shape can be adjusted by the reaction the reaction conditions and additives, such as spherical silicon dioxide is often used such a production process route.

Although the method of liquid phase reaction, the silicon dioxide content of impurities can be controlled within 10ppm, but a common problem is the inevitable hydroxyl content is too high.

Fluorosilicic acid, ammonium fluorosilicate, sodium fluoride or other fluorine acid salt reaction method:

The silicon tetrafluoride gas to generate high-purity fluorine acid hydrolysis, or directly to the purification of industrial fluorosilicic acid, and then to high-purity fluorine silicic acid in aqueous ammonia or concentrated sulfuric acid precipitated silica. Fluorosilicic acid or further reacted fluosilicic ammonia, then the ammonia produced by the reaction of silicon dioxide fluorosilicic acid.

Silicone hydrolysis method:

TEOS commonly purified to control the reaction hydrolysis conditions generate silicic acid, and then hot and dry to form silicon dioxide.

High-purity silica powder evaporation gasification, quartz glass waste again purification method, a method with rice husk or diatomaceous earth as raw materials to produce high-purity silica.



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