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Silicon dioxide vapor deposition method:

Gas, liquid and solid, the purification effect of the gas phase species is most sensitive, can be obtained through the distillation of very high purity gaseous elemental or compound. Therefore, specific applications fiber optics, etc. demand high purity silicon dioxide by vapor deposition route preparation, the basic principle is first made of high purity gaseous precursor, then reacts with the silica precursor.

By distillation to obtain high purity silicon tetrachloride, high in the oxyhydrogen flame hydrolysis silicon dioxide purity, impurity content may be less than 1ppm. However, a hydroxyl group, the cost of production contains a high content is also high, leading to such high-purity silicon dioxide can be applied only in certain situations.

Gas produced by the hydrolysis of ultrafine particles of silica, fumed silica is produced by this method. Polysilicon production exhaust contains a large amount of silicon tetrachloride, have started to use up the production of fumed silicon dioxide, both to protect the environment and increase economic efficiency.

Purified silicon tetrafluoride gas mixed with water vapor, the temperature controlling gas and the resulting silica solids fluorosilicic acid, fluorosilicic acid gas and then through concentrated sulfuric acid, the decomposition of hydrogen fluoride gas and silicon tetrafluoride gas. Through a series of processes, the reaction of silicon tetrafluoride gas and hydrogen fluoride gas of high purity silica.

Gasification purified organosilicon compound, and then thermally decomposed to form an amorphous fused silicon dioxide particles, the silica particles are deposited on the carrier is made of high-purity silica glass articles.



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