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Fumed silicon dioxide industry growth rate downward trend, the past two years the industry growth rate is slowing down. From the price point of view, along with the fourth quarter of 2014 since the global crude oil prices, fumed silica industry product prices into the bottom of the vulnerable area. Since LPG phase method silica relative to the downstream industry fumed silica industry by the impact of crude oil prices more directly, so the price volatility and more intense. From the supply point of view, the presence of fumed silica industry, some products in the field overcapacity problem, the extent of the excess of these areas ranged from 30% to 50% since the 2012 peak to 2013 with an annual capacity growth, the past two years domestic fumed silicon dioxide silicon production industry as a whole in the release phase, digesting excess capacity, coupled with the external environment in a downward adjustment of the overall industry profitability has declined, especially in oil and gas extraction industry profits space is greatly compressed, fumed silicon dioxide industry enterprises the situation is not optimistic.

A large industrial scale fumed silicon dioxide industry, product variety, industry maturity, a high degree of international standardization, active trading, corporate credit and easy inspection, while the market is highly fragmented, high real transaction costs, price comparing regional differences extensive. For these reasons such as fumed silicon dioxide business e-commerce can effectively serve to reduce procurement costs, reduce marketing costs and increase business opportunities and improve their overall efficiency.

E-commerce on the one hand to strengthen the producer and the consumer of exchange, prompting identifying business to a greater extent, to meet consumer demand, and benefit from; on the other hand, providing an opportunity from product-led transformation logic to a service dominant logic, so that consumers can be more convenient to participate in product research and development, production, marketing and other aspects of the industry chain to better meet consumer demand at the same time, promote the improvement of product upgrades.



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