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Mesoporous silicon dioxide material due to its high specific surface area, pore volume, low toxicity, good biocompatibility and the production of low cost, is widely used in catalysis, adsorption, biotechnology and other fields. Magnetic functional materials, due to its high magnetic response, which is widely used in magnetic separation, magnetic resonance imaging and other areas. The project developed magnetic mesoporous silicon dioxide material combining the advantages of the two materials is a hot research field of functional materials, expanding the versatility of a single material, in the detection and diagnosis of disease, drug controlled release therapy, gene transfer field dye, protein purification, catalyst loading, etc. have broad application prospects.


This project uses the sol - gel chemistry principles, through a silicon source precursor hydrolysis first on the shell material coated on the surface of amorphous silicon dioxide, and then by a sol - gel chemistry and structure-directing agent solution as a surfactant agent and self-assembly behavior of inorganic species of silicon, amorphous silicon dioxide layer having a surface coated with a layer of silicon dioxide material ordered mesoscopic structures. Spherical morphology Unlike previously reported various magnetic composite nano-materials, the present invention is reported magnetic mesoporous materials have a very regular, well-defined core - shell structure, the magnetic core is a dense layer of silicon dioxide intermediate protection, its outer channels has a unique channel vertical orientation, very conducive to transport guest molecules, more importantly, this type of material of high magnetic strength of the research and development projects, strong magnetic response, to achieve rapid magnetic separation, so the overall performance superior to any Similar products.

Market expectation:

Mainly used for environmental protection, disease detection kits, bioanalytical separation, industrial catalysis. In related research and development has accumulated a great deal of basic, there is a sufficiently strong technical support, has a strong competitive ability, low barriers to market entry, can quickly occupy a certain market share.



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