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Recently, a study published in "Nature Biotechnology" magazine, the mesoporous silicon dioxide rods(MSRs) used as a carrier. Researchers from the Wyss Institute for Biological Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences confirmed that non-surgical injection in vivo spontaneously assemble into 3D structures of a number of programmable biological material, it can even help prevent against cancer and HIV, such as a class infectious disease.

Cancer so deadly is one of the reasons is that it can evade the body's immune system to attack the tumor can be so vigorous growth and spread. Scientists have been trying to use immunotherapy to try to induce the immune system goes into attack mode against cancer, drug-loaded mesoporous silicon dioxide rods and establish long-term immunity to cancer cells to resist.

These researchers made from silicon dioxide, biodegradable tiny rod-like structure named mesoporous silicon dioxide rods. MSRs can be loaded with a number of biological and chemical medicines, transmitted via injection under the skin. These mesoporous silicon dioxide rods at the inoculation site will spontaneously form a three-dimensional scaffold, like a box of matches on the table as a heap. MSRs heap porous gap is very large, so that the filling can recruit and dendritic cells. Dendritic cells are responsible for monitoring the body's immune cells important when it detects the presence of harmful substances can trigger an immune response.



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