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Determination of silicon dioxide in the ore has four methods, vaporized, the weight of law,colorimetry, capacity method, each method has its own limitations, you should select the appropriate method based on the nature of the ore itself. Silica is a chemically stable atomic crystals, mainly in quartz ore, quartz and mineral ores is the main composition of the material, so the routine laboratory work, we often contact with them.

With the development of science and technology, detection method of silicon dioxide ore products are constantly updated and improved. The following two methods for the detection of silica ore products are introduced in detail´╝î and some problems needing attention in the process of detection are analyzed and discussed.

Determination of silicon content in iron ore is an important part of ore quality control, we use a mixed solvent of sodium hydroxide + sodium peroxide decomposition of iron ore samples and then leaching with dilute hydrochloric acid and then be converted to silicon silicon molybdenum blue spectrophotometry silica content. Experiments show that this method is easy to operate, high reliability, good to meet the needs of beneficiation. Methods commonly used silicon molybdenum blue spectrophotometry iron ore silicon dioxide content, high sensitivity, easy operation advantages, we use silver instead of platinum crucible crucible with sodium hydroxide + sodium peroxide mixed solvent of sample decomposition, then performed using ferrous sulfate reduction, further simplifying the method of operation, to achieve a rapid determination of the constant of silicon, can well meet the online needs analysis.



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