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Chemotherapy is the main therapy for cancer, but it was traditional in vivo anti-tumor systemic distribution, is difficult to achieve effective drug concentration in the tumor tissue, and their own do not have the ability to distinguish normal cells and tumor cells, could easily lead to the body toxicity, can not meet the clinical needs. In recent years, with the development and widespread application of nanotechnology, nano-targeting antitumor drugs has made breakthrough progress, the mesoporous silicon dioxide nanoparticles (MSNs) in anticancer drugs targeted delivery system increasing research, because of its unique structure and physical and chemical characteristics, have to act on specific targets, direct inhibition of tumor cell growth, reduce to normal cells and tissues and organs of toxicity, long-term medication and other advantages can be expected to become the anti-cancer drugs excellent carrier for MSNs application in the field of cancer treatment has now become a hot topic in the field of medicine.

Preparation of two different functional groups modified conjugated avidin parcel bipyridine ruthenium (RuBpy) fluorescent silicon dioxide nano-probe A and probe B, and are used to identify liver cancer cells. Prepared by reverse microemulsion obtained surface-modified nanoparticles of different functional groups, and then connect with each other to probe A prepared by avidin and parcel RuBpy carboxylated silica nanoparticles; by avidin with PEG-modified fluorescent secondary silica nanoparticles prepared by the interaction of the probe B.

In recent years, because of the structural stability of inorganic nanoparticles, the application of drug delivery aspect more and more attention. Mesoporous silicon dioxide nanoparticles as an inorganic polymer material with good biocompatibility, surface area, pore size and pore volume can be adjusted, pore uniform, easy-to-surface modification, etc., in the controlled release of the drug and drug field has great prospects.



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