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According to GB / T12149-2007 of silicon dioxide in the analysis step to analyze the sodium aluminate solution of silicon dioxide, by adding ammonium molybdate this step, the solution is directly displayed in blue. When analyzing water and silicon dioxide in general, and in this step is shown in yellow, the yellow silicon molybdenum heteropoly acid, but what reason can lead molybdate blue in this session.

Homemade isocyanate polybutadiene (ITPB) as matrix, nano-silicon dioxide (SiO2) as a curing agent prepared ITPB polyurethane / nano-SiO2 elastomer. Illustrate the preparation mechanism ITPB / SiO2 elastomers studied type of solvent, SiO2 addition on and curing conditions on ITPB / SiO2 Elastomers properties. The results showed that cyclohexanone as solvent prepared ITPB / SiO2 Elastomers best; with SiO2 added to increase the amount of tensile strength of the elastomer, elongation at break, tensile strength and hardness were significantly improved, when the amount of SiO2 added was 6%, the elongation at break of the elastomer reaches a maximum 220.14%, when the amount of SiO2 added was 8%, the tensile strength of the elastomer reaches a maximum 7.11 MPa; increase the curing temperature and curing time extended, It helps to improve the mechanical properties of ITPB / SiO2 elastomer.

The improved Stober method, TEOS as the silicon source, ethanol as a solvent and ammonia as catalyst monodisperse good particle size controlled nano-silicon dioxide particles, and by single factor method We studied the stirring velocity, TEOS, ammonia and water content on the particle size. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the microspheres were characterized by particle size and morphology. The results showed that with the stirring speed, TEOS and increase the amount of ammonia generated silicon dioxide microsphere size increases, the amount of water increases as the secondary particle size microspheres showed a trend of first increased and then decreased, and without add water or aqueous ammonia used is less than 2.5 mL, silicon dioxide microspheres produced monodisperse poor.



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