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By sol-gel method and surface modification of the silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminum silicate fiber composite sol prepared super-hydrophobic SiO2 aerogels blankets at atmospheric pressure. Characterized by scanning electron microscopy analysis of SiO2 aerogels blankets surface morphology and internal structure, results show that, SiO2 aerogels porous network structure dispersed in an aluminum matrix, fiber internal voids filled efficiently. The contact angle of the composite aerogels blankets is: 144.8 °, showing a good super hydrophobic properties, and thermal conductivity of the composite felt after the fall from 0.059W / m · K to 0.030W / m · K, indicating that the aerogels felt has good thermal insulation properties.

Describes the most commonly used method for preparing monodisperse nano-silicon dioxide particles, illustrate the preparation of the mechanism of each method and summarizes current research progress of each method. Finally, the prospects for the preparation of monodisperse silicon dioxide nanoparticles in the future.

Monodisperse nano-particles as the most familiar and the most use of, nano-silicon dioxide because of their unique optical, mechanical and good dispersion and adhesion ability to give people in many areas of rubber, plastics, coatings, composite nanoparticles, porous materials, are widely used.



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