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In the liquid coatings and paint, gas phase silicon dioxide both rheological additives, anti-settling agent, dispersant, the function of flatting agent. Join the gas phase silica in the formula, can control the system of rheology and thixotropy, both to prevent paint and paint in the flow phenomenon in the process of construction, but also guarantee the coating thickness uniformity, high quality coating effect. Gas phase silica in liquid coatings and paint, can improve the pigments and fillers in suspension, improve the pigment dispersion, effectively prevent the settlement of pigments and fillers in the system, so that it is good to store.  

Amorphous silicon dioxide refractive index is 1.46, and most of the refractive index of the resin used in coating industry. Therefore, the amorphous silica used in the varnish has good optical performance, become the first choice for high-grade coating flatting agent. Film containing silica matting agent, matting agent particles evenly distributed in the film, when the incident light reaches the uneven surface of the paint film, diffuse reflection occurs, the scatter produce low luster inferior smooth appearance and extinction. For a given particle size of silica matting agent, its extinction efficiency increase with the increase of pore volume. The average particle size and particle size distribution of silica coating glossiness play an important role. When coating and coating thickness to timing, flatting agent particle size and coating dry film thickness results, extinction effect is best. The range of particle size distribution, the more narrow the extinction efficiency is higher. Silica white can use organic coating material surface processing (mainly polymer wax) get easily distracted matting agent, and can improve the scratch resistance of coating, to prevent the occurrence of hard coatings in the storage process precipitation. High porosity, the best particle size distribution and surface treatment suitable silica matting agent can get the best effect of extinction. At present the development direction of silicon dioxide matting agent abroad is the main entrance, easy to disperse and high transparency, low dust and surface treatment.



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