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Silicon dioxide is used as the reinforcing agent, the dosage of the largest is the field of rubber, its dosage accounted for 70% of the total. silica white can significantly improve the physical properties of rubber, reduce sizing lag, rolling resistance of tyre was reduced, at the same time without losing its wet resistance. Is very effective in the rubber industry, carbon black reinforcing agent, the biggest drawback is cannot be used for the preparation of color products.  

Super thin silicon dioxide as reinforcing filler, used in the production of green tire, can be applied instead of carbon black to tire, can significantly increase the tire tear strength and crack growth resistance, and had no obvious effect on curing time, resistance to ozone aging depend on the dosage of antioxidant and silica white. Silica white is added in the tire tread rubber can improve the tread cutting resistance, tear resistance, reduce and cost. Silica white filled rubber compared with ordinary carbon black filled rubber, rolling resistance can be reduced by 30%.

Gas phase silicon dioxide used in room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, they often took the form of the agglomeration body dispersed in matrix form 2 d mesh structure, and silicone rubber base contact area is large, formed in the process of sulfide junction, thickening and reinforcing effect of silicone. Gas phase silica to form the three-dimensional network structure is only relative stability, in a state of "flexibility", under the action of external force, temporarily damaged, reduce the viscosity of the system, presents good liquidity; When shear force after removal of the outside world, the three dimensional mesh structure will quickly recover and maintain state before the force, make the system has good thixotropy. In addition, because the gas phase of silica white particle size is very small, and spherical particles, scattered in the basic material to form the uniform system, often with good optical performance, can make the white transparent silicone rubber products. silica white as filler to produce gas phase at room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber acidity, only the broad scope of consistency and efficient vulcanization properties, of all painted with primer or no primer base material were showing excellent adhesive ability, excellent storage stability at room temperature, are widely used in the construction industry.



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