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Wollastonite Ca3 (Si3O9) mineral composition is simple, less impurity composition. Determines its structure characteristics can be dissolved in hydrochloric acid, the formation of acidic silicon dioxide sol, thus can use wollastonite with acid soluble silica production. The save of preparing sodium silicate process is characterized by high temperature melting process, and at the same time of alternaria alternata silica by-product calcium chloride. Process is as follows: take 1:2 hydrochloride in containers of wollastonite, the excessive coefficient of 1.05 hydrochloric acid added, stirring constantly, after waiting for response was diluted with water, heated to 90 ℃, with a slow lime neutralization to pH of 7 ~ 8, living 90℃ under heat preservation for a period of time, then the floc suction filter, mother liquor evaporation concentration crystal get by-product calcium chloride, solid wash to no Cl -. And then will get the silica white solid drying, grinding.

With the yellow phosphorus slag can be preparing silica white; With fluorine sodium silicate can making silica white, By phosphate fertilizer plant, the silicon tetrafluoride step hydrolysis can be preparing silica white; By the coal ash can be making silica white, Used in the production of NaF by-product silicon dioxide(SiO2) can preparation of silica white; Using the production of cold water slag to the preparation of silica white; Using waste silica sol preparation of silica white.

Applying silicon tetrafluoride gas into the mixed solution of different concentrations of ethanol and water, then aged 4 ~ 5 h, filtering and washing to filtrate pH in 6 ~ 7, put the cake in the oven, dried at 150 ℃ for 24 h, get the product. In the mixed solvent of ethanol and water amount of substance ratio is equal to or higher than 1:3, the silicon tetrafluoride gas bubbled into one, mainly produce Si (OH) CH3CH (OH) 4 - x) (x (x 3) or less, with the decrease of the OH - ratio, intermediates aggregation removal of water and ethanol at a slower pace, as CH3CH2OH - volume than OH - big, adsorption on the surface of the silicon dioxide particles, CH3CH2OH - to prevent the growth of the silica particles, nano-sized silicon dioxide can be obtained.  



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