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Silica white belong to silicone bolt-on white powder material, is the floorboard of the synthesis and silicate hydrate silicate, including precipitation silicon dioxide, gas phase SiO2(silicon dioxide), Ca ยท SiO3, Mg SiO3, Al2 (SiO3) 3, etc. Because they have with the performance and appearance of the carbon black as for white features, therefore, collectively known as silica white. But most of the silica white in general refers to SiO2. Silica white classic methods in three categories: gas phase method, precipitation and dissociation method. Industrial preparation method is that the combination of the three methods or improved. Due to the different production methods, its performance and use is also different. In this paper, the different production process the application of silica white.

Gas phase method is one of the developed countries industrialized production of nano silica white, the main method. Gas phase silica white is silicon chloride silicon tetrachloride or acetone - methyl silane hitches in hydrogen and oxygen mix air flow generated by high temperature hydrolysis of an amorphous powder, tend to be spherical particle, surface with hydroxyl and adsorbed water, particle size between 7 ~ 40 nm, specific surface area, high chemical purity, silicon dioxide(SiO2) > 99.8%. Gas phase silica white according to whether a surface treatment can be divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic, according to the size of the specific surface and can be divided into different models.

Its technological process is: through gasification of silicon tetrachloride, hydrogen and oxygen of homogeneous gas mixture in the hydrolysis of furnace combustion, high temperature hydrolysis reaction, the smoke of silica white by the aggregator gathered themselves together, and then the separator to the acid in the furnace of removing acid treatment, can get ultrafine silica white. Of HCl gas after washing tower washing as low concentration of hydrochloric acid.



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