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Fluorine-containing sulfuric acid purification process diatomite silicon dioxide minerals belong to the special method of purification, first with water and diatomite mixed acid solution according to the original soil: water: a mixed acid solution = 1: (2-3): (0.5 ~ 8) mass ratio was added stirring device, mixing evenly, through the steam heat to boil 2 ~ 3h; the mixed material to the filter press filter press; with 60 ~ 80 ℃ hot water washing to pH 7. The cake was washed until neutral and dried at 100 ℃, diatomaceous earth until the moisture content is less than 10% of that is finished. Under the microscope showed that the content is good as long as the control of a mixed solution of hydrofluoric acid, can make diatomaceous earth does not destroy the structure, keeping its structure intact diatomaceous earth and holes.

There is no dedicated silicon dioxide and other non-metallic mineral purification equipment series and standard acid leaching, generally follow a variety of extraction equipment used in hydrometallurgy. There are the following three categories: (1) mechanically stirred tank leaching, pulp leaching tank with a mechanical stirrer agitated leach ore and leaching agent in the flow process. (2) Air agitation leaching tank, mainly stirred slurry with compressed air, so that the pulp suspension flow in leaching. (3) The use of an autoclave (or pressurized reactor) can be leached at 1 ~ 2MPa high pressure, in order to strengthen the leaching effect.

University Department of Materials Engineering Research and Development Department of the powder of high purity electronic grade silicon powder ultrafine continuous industrial production presented a unique process route after the first ultra-fine purification, and research and development of ultra-fine processing equipment with suitable and purification the special anti-corrosion reactor, to ensure a variety of acid purification process can proceed smoothly various operations. 



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