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Hydrochloric acid method: After washing off the silicon dioxide sand added to the hydrochloric acid solution mass fraction of 18%, the amount of hydrochloric acid is about 5% of SiO2 sand. Then warmed to 80 ~ 90 ℃ handle 2 ~ 3h. Remove hydrochloric acid solution, after washing with water and drying to obtain SiO2 sand.

Gaseous hydrogen chloride method: SiO2 sand after washing into a pot, heated to 80 ℃, and then into hydrogen chloride gas, processing 15min. SiO2 sand by washing with water after the treatment, the role of product hydrogen chloride and water-soluble iron oxide FeCl3 be removed.

Oxalic Acid Treatment Method: In 100 parts of water were added 0.5 parts of sodium oxalate and 0.2 to 0.5 parts copperas, heated to 80 ℃ in a solution formulated as a pharmaceutical. The SiO2 sand and chemical wash solution after a mass ratio of 2 mixing and stirring treatment 3 ~ 5min at 80 ℃. The filtrate was recovered, silicon dioxide sand cleaning, dewatering, drying.

Hydrochloric acid - sulfuric acid mixed acid method: after wahsing, silicon dioxide sand were mixed with concentrated hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid (98%), placed 90min at room temperature, or a mixture of sand and stirring the appropriate time, and then poured acid.

Hydrochloric acid - fluorosilicic acid mixed acid method: washing off silicon dioxide sand with 20% to 80% of the mass fraction of solids slurry formulated into a container equipped with a mechanical stirrer, followed by addition of hydrochloric acid solution (1% to 10 %) and fluorine acid solution (1% to 10%). The SiO2 sand was stirred at a temperature of 75 ~ 100 ℃ , and then the slurry was removed, washed several times with water until the washing solution pH values close to neutral. This method treatment, can reduce the iron content of SiO2 sand from the 0.0059 to 0.0002% to 0.005%.



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