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Mineral purification methods generally are early purification and purification of two major categories, high-grade ore at the beginning purified silicon dioxide is most commonly used magnetic separation. Treated iron-based First purification process method, silicon dioxide minerals more than 99% of the ferromagnetic mineral impurities and mechanical processing into iron can be removed. Fine purification method mainly uses chemical reaction, so that the chemical impurities in the material component of the changes in the composition, and impurity components of the useful component separation. SiO2 in mineral resources, more is to remove mineral impurities and colored conductive ion impurities. Mainly refers to various iron compounds therein, such as Fe2O3, FeO, Fe (OH) 3, Fe (OH) 2, FeCO3, etc., some of which are iron minerals monomer or inclusions; some are thin films of iron in the form attached to the inter-surface minerals, cracks or structural layers. Acid digestion method is non-metallic minerals limonite monomer and more effective method of removing iron film can also soluble in acid to remove various metal impurities.

Most of silicon dioxide mineral impurities harmful to a variety of iron-containing materials, including iron clay, biotite, magnetite, hematite, limonite, ilmenite, and SiO2 particle surface oxide film, etc., with beneficiation methods. 

First purification can remove most of the monomer iron minerals, but iron-stained sand impurities silicon dioxide surface oxide film is difficult to remove fissures within. For some optical glass, special glass and glass instruments, sometimes requires SiO2 content of 99.9% or 99.99%, iron content as low as 0.01% to 0.02% or less, which requires treatment with acid leaching method.

University Department of Materials Engineering Laboratory, the powder in the acid leaching, the use of hydrochloric acid - hydrofluoric acid mixing method, can be purified silicon dioxide at atmospheric pressure, at room temperature. Since hydrofluoric acid etching of SiO2 has a role, not only can the particle surface iron impurities SiO2 and other metallic impurities are removed, and the particles of the fluid inclusions inside the solid inclusions and impurities removal effect is also very good.



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