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The main ingredient of fumed silicon dioxide is SiO2. Silica according to different production methods can be divided into precipitated silica (precipitated hydrated silica) and fumed silica (fumed silica), two products of different production methods, properties and uses are also very different products described below are precipitated by sulfuric acid production, ie precipitated silica, silica less involved are precipitated silica.

Fumed silica indexes role in the application of

1, A specific surface area

Fumed silicon dioxide reinforcement size, depending on its specific surface ships with the specific surface area increases, the rubber strength index were increased but the resiliency of reduced tear strength is lowered, and does not wear, mixing when the dispersion difficulties, high heat, Mooney viscosity, easy to scorch, therefore, different formulas, different uses, the requirements are not the same surface area, the impact on the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber, the specific surface area is not consistent.

2, Oil absorption

Oil absorption value is reflected in the size structure of the level of oil absorption of large and small degree structure, tensile strength of vulcanized rubber generally higher tensile strength and greater hardness, especially the smaller abrasion, but lower elongation .

3, 900 ℃ Loss on ignition

The performance is a surface hydroxyl, could easily lead to a structured rubber composites, the material becomes brittle. Affect the processing performance, and easy to swap pieces of vulcanized rubber, and the surface hydroxyl groups of the vulcanization accelerator is a strong adsorption, extended curing time.

4,105 ℃ Heating loss

Reflecting particle voids much free water is too small, a high degree of structural plastic material batch becomes difficult, if the heating loss is zero, Fumed silicon dioxide useless, generally controlled at about 6% more appropriate.

5, PH value

Generally about 7, PH value increased (reduced acidity), vulcanization speed.

6, Soluble salts

The less the better, however, the less, the higher the cost.



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