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1, the application in the field of optics

Nanoparticles used in infrared reflective material is mainly made of thin films and multilayers used. Nanoparticles membrane material has good prospects in the lamp industry. HPS and only a small variety for picture-taking, photography iodine arc lamps require strong lighting, but after the filament was heated for 69% of the energy into the infrared, which shows that there are quite a lot of energy into heat energy is consumed, section into light energy to light, while the lamp heat will also affect lamp life, how to improve the luminous efficiency, the increase has been a key issue of illumination urgent problem. Birth nanoparticles to solve this problem provides a new way. Since the 1980s, scientific and technical personnel pyrogenic silicon dioxide (white gas carbon black) and a gaseous phase of nanometer titanium dioxide TiO2 particles made of a multilayer interference film, the total thickness of micron level, lining the inner wall of the lamp cover, not only the results of translucent rate is good, and has a strong infrared reflectivity. According to expert estimates under the same kind of light intensity, the kind of lighting compared with conventional halogen lamps can save 15% of electricity.

2, the new plexiglass additive

Window materials for aircraft commonly used plexiglass (PMMA), when the aircraft flying at high altitude ultraviolet radiation through the window material easy to aging, resulting in reduced transparency. To solve this problem, the use of fumed silicon dioxide (white gas carbon black) strong UV reflective properties, added to the surface modified fumed silica (white gas carbon black) in plexiglass production process, the products produced anti UV radiation more than double the impact strength increased by 80%.



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