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Utilization fumed silicon dioxide huge surface area, surface multi-mesoporous structure and strong adsorption capacity and singular physicochemical properties, ionic silver ions and other functions designed to evenly fumed silicon dioxide (white gas carbon black) surface of the dielectric wells and implement a stable, successfully developed a highly efficient, durable, high temperature resistant, broad-spectrum antimicrobial nano-antibacterial powder (particle diameter of only about 70 nm), not only to fill the gaps, and the main technical indicators have reached or exceeded similar products in Japan. After testing, when the nano-antibacterial powder in water concentration of only 0.315%, the Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria representative of species representative of antibacterial ability to show it can be very significant, inhibition zone appeared 2- 3mm, and with the increase of nano-antibacterial powder in water concentration, inhibition zone increased significantly. According to the determination of water containing Ag + 0.01mg / l when, you can completely kill E. coli in water, and can keep for up to 90 days without spawned new flora.

The nano-antibacterial powder applied enamel glaze to produce a drum washing machine having antifungal, antibacterial function, the antibacterial rate of 99%. It should be noted that the antibacterial nano powder used in the enamel glaze more demanding conditions, shall be strong alkaline liquid and high temperature (about 900 ℃) after enamel remains strong antibacterial properties, which is the other antimicrobial powder can not. The nano-antibacterial powder added to the interior wall paint, interior wall paint has produced a lasting antibacterial antifungal functions. The nano-antibacterial detergent powder for use in women's underwear, wool, cashmere detergent, detergent, hand sanitizer, and health and epidemic prevention departments detection, which is very significant antibacterial properties. It can be expected, as people's health awareness, nano-antibacterial powder will gradually be related applications accepted by the general public enterprises, emerge in the bill, health care, chemical building materials, home appliances, functional fibers, plastics and other industries.



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