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Instead of nano-Al2O3, fumed silicon dioxide was added to the porcelain, the both can play the role of nanoparticles, while it is the second phase particles, not only to improve the strength of the ceramic material, toughness, and improve the hardness and elastic modulus of the material and other properties, the effect better than adding Al2O3. The use of fumed silicon dioxide to the composite ceramic substrate, the substrate not only improves the compactness, toughness and finish, but also significantly reduce the sintering temperature. In addition, fumed silica ceramic filters, corundum balls and other ceramic products application effect is also very significant.

Sealants, adhesives are large, wide range of important products. It requires the product viscosity, fluidity, curing speed of the best conditions. Our products in this area is relatively backward, upscale sealants and adhesives are dependent on imports. Foreign products in this area has been used as a modifier of nanomaterials, and fumed silicon dioxide is the preferred material, it is mainly in the surface of fumed silica cladding layer of organic material, so that it has hydrophobicity, add it to the sealant quickly form a silica structure in which small particles of fumed silica network formation inhibiting colloids flow, faster cure speed, improve bonding effect, fumed silica particles due to the small scale and thus increased product sealing and barrier properties.



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