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Rubber is an elastomer excellent in stretchability, but its overall performance is not satisfactory, the process of producing rubber products usually requires addition of carbon black in rubber compounds to improve the strength, abrasion resistance and aging resistance, but because carbon black added such products becomes black, and the quality is not high. And fumed silicon dioxide in the advent of our country for the production of new colors, a new generation of high performance rubber material foundation.

After adding a small amount of fumed silicon dioxide in the ordinary rubber, the strength, abrasion resistance and aging resistance performance met or exceeded grade rubber products, and can maintain color over the long term. Nano-modified colored EPDM waterproofing membrane, its wear resistance, tensile strength, fracture resistance, anti-aging properties were increased significantly, and colorful, excellent color retention effect. Color tire development work has also made some progress, such as the side of the tire rubber flexural properties from the original 100,000 to more than 500,000, it is expected in the near future, to achieve domestic automobile, motorcycle tires colorization.

Although organic pigments with bright colors and strong coloring power, but generally light, heat, solvent resistance and migration performance is often less than inorganic pigments. By adding fumed silicon dioxide on organic pigment surface modification, not only anti-aging properties of the pigment significantly improved, and the brightness, hue and saturation and other indicators were also improved to some extent, with performance comparable to imported luxury goods, greatly broadens the range of applications and grade of organic pigments.



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