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Use the translucent and small particle size of fumed silicon dioxide, plastic becomes more dense, after adding silica to polystyrene plastic film, not only to improve its transparency, strength, toughness, and water resistance and anti-aging properties also significantly improve. By adding a small amount of ordinary plastic PVC in nano after silica produced steel doors and hardness, finish and anti-aging properties are greatly improved. The use of nano-silica ordinary plastic modified polypropylene, the main technical indicators (water absorption, insulation resistance, compressive residual deformation, flexural strength, etc.) are met or exceeded performance nylon 6 engineering plastics, polypropylene railroad realized accessories alternative use of nylon 6, the product cost has dropped significantly, its economic and social benefits are very significant.

China is paint production and consumption country, but the current prevalence of domestic paint performance deficiencies, such as poor suspension stability, poor thixotropic and weather, poor scrub resistance, resulting in a year need to import large quantities of high-quality coatings. Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, some paint manufacturers dare to innovate, successfully achieved fumed silicon dioxide in coatings applications, this nano-modified coatings have changed less than previous products, tested its main performance index in addition to the rate unchanged, the rest are greatly improved, such as exterior paint scrub resistance increased from one thousand to ten thousand times repeatedly raised, artificial accelerated weathering and exposure to artificial radiation aging time from 250 hours ( powder level 1, level 2 color) up to 600 hours (no powder, no color film, color value 4.8), in addition to coating and bonding strength of a substantial increase in the wall, a significant increase in film hardness, surface self-cleaning ability It has also been improved.



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